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Bendi & Drexel Forklifts Louisville

Bendi forklifts and Drexel forklifts provide excellent solutions for very narrow aisle spaces. In fact, they are leading manufacturers for the narrow-aisle material handling forklift market. Save money and time by maximizing valuable warehouse space with this versatile equipment.

Bend Narrow Aisle Forklifts
Bendi designs affordable narrow aisle forklifts that can operate in extremely narrow spaces. They’ve been leading the way in innovative and space-saving machines since 1964.

Bendi’s very narrow aisle forklifts come either electric or LPG powered and in a range of capacities. They can stack heights of up to 41 feet – a highly cost-effective warehouse storage solution. Bendi provides a great option when space requirements are tight, but the need for power is high.

Bendi Electric Forklifts

  • The Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle trucks are available with lift heights up to 41′, giving the Bendi high stacking ability, while allowing the low mast height necessary to work inhighway trailers or travel through low doorways.
  • Electric capacities range from 3,000 lb. to 5,500 lb. Stacking aisle sizes range from 63″ to 84″ depending on load size, capacity and lift height required.
  • The Bendi can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, push-back, double-deep rack and drive-in rack systems, rail cars, and outdoors.
  • The Bendi electric has a 48 Volt AC electrical control system with the latest in AC control and motor technology. Efficient use of battery power results in longer run times between charges and lower operating temperatures.

Bendi Internal Combustion Forklifts

Almost everything that makes the battery-powered Bendi the right choice for so many applications applies to the Bendi IC. Both are at home on the loading dock or in the warehouse, can go from trailer to plant floor, to narrow aisle storage without staging. Both navigate narrow aisles with the speed and agility that allow Bendi operators to move safely into tight spots others can’t reach. The main difference is the LP-Powered Bendi B40i4 can be refueled in less than 5 minutes.

Drexel Forklifts

Drexel is also a leader and innovator in very narrow aisle forklifts. The narrow-aisle Drexel forklifts have been shown to add up to 50% more space in an average warehouse by allowing you to stack vertically instead of horizontally.

Drexel has machines that can fit in aisles as small as 4’6” wide, and handle a stacking height of up to 31’. Capacities range up to 12,000 lbs. Choose from internal combustion or electric Drexel lift trucks.

Attachments, Accessories, and More

Want to expand the capacity of your Bendi or Drexel lift trucks? Find out about forklift attachments and accessories, as well as leasing or used equipment options.

Want to learn more about Bendi or Drexel forklifts? Call 1-800-666-5600 or Contact Us and let’s get started. If you’re looking for a complete warehouse solution, the material handling specialists at our sister company Cardinal Integrated Systems can help.