Cardinal Carryor Headquarters

A History of Quality Equipment & Service


Started as a refuse collector in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. Soon became a Dempsey Dumpster dealer.


Became a Yale Forklift dealer in Louisville, Kentucky.


Became a member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, which we have continued through the present. We have had one President and two individuals serve on the board of directors of the now 650-member organization.


Became a Clark Forklift dealer, which we still are today.


Founder Chet Brumleve retired and his son Ben assumed control.


Became a Crown lift truck dealer, which we still are today.


Bought Scholtz Equipment & Sales Company, an allied and engineered products house. Scholtz had a sales office in Indianapolis which continues to thrive today under the Cardinal Integrated Systems name.


Ben Brumleve retired as President and passed the torch to the third generation of the Brumleve family.


Opened a branch operation in Bowling Green.


Changed the name of Scholtz Equipment & Sales Company to Cardinal Integrated Systems to aid in our marketing efforts and better describe what we do.


Cardinal completed a building expansion project to accommodate our anticipated future growth.

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