Advanced Battery Handling

Louisville Forklift Batteries Stations

With electric equipment on the rise the need for reliable, fast battery changing stations is increasing. When it’s time to bring your forklift or other equipment to the battery changing station, saving on man-power and getting the job done quickly and safely is the first priority.

Battery Handling Systems (BHS) is our battery handling partner, offering some of the most cutting-edge equipment around. All their battery handling equipment is OSHA-compliant, with exceptional acid-resistance and built-in protection.

BHS has spent years researching innovations in battery changing stations that help save time and money. All their equipment is designed to deliver the best possible value and durability for the money. Some designs offer expandable components that can change and adapt as battery handling evolves and your material handling needs change; they design forklift and other battery stations for today and twenty years from today. Whether you have a large fleet of electric trucks, a few AGV’s or just want to find out how you can improve operations and battery handling down-time, we have a smart solution for you.


Single-Level Battery Changers: Great for fleets that need up to 100 changes a day.

Multi-Level Battery Changers: For even more capacity. Charges up to 250 batteries a day.

Portable Battery Changers: Easy to use and with convenient portability for the field.

Charge-and-Change Options: Ask us about the all-in-one innovations from BHS. Charge and change in one stop.

Battery handling equipment from BHS is always designed with workplace safety and health in mind. They are an innovative company with a wide variety of battery handling solutions for just about any type of application. Don’t forget, we offer full service on batteries. From portable on-site cleaning to complete repair and re-build industrial batteries, Cardinal Carryor has you covered. We also lease industrial batteries and chargers.

Want to learn more about advance battery handling at Cardinal Carryor? Call 1-800-666-5600 or Contact Us and let’s get started. If you’re looking for a complete warehouse solution, the material handling specialists at our sister company Cardinal Integrated Systems can help.