A global diversified technology and industrial leader wanted to relocate its foam bagging operation from the floor up to a mezzanine to free up space. After careful review, Cardinal Integrated Systems determined the following key solutions would meet all the project’s objectives:

  • A 7,500 sq. ft. Mezzanine System including a ResinDek Finished Floor, Stair Systems, Pallet Loading Gate Systems, and a custom Support Column Grid System to work around product storage lanes at the floor for staging.
  • A new Conveyor System for overhead conveying bagged foam product from the mezzanine to shipping area. The Conveyor System included the mechanical conveyor equipment, main control panel, electrical controls, mechanical installation, and electrical field wiring.
  • Modifications to the existing overhead monorail system to reconfigure it for better integration with the new mezzanine and conveyor system.

The project was managed by Cardinal Integrated Systems and implemented in several weekend phases to work around production to meet a very aggressive schedule and timeline. The facility returned to production capability at the end of every weekend during the installation period.

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